Get your most ambitious ideas from concept to reality

We are a full-lifecycle outsourced product development company servicing clients from across the world. We combine complex engineering, strong domain knowledge and

agile delivery to give you the best product in the shortest time. Our Innovation led approach enables us to be a key partner in your product development strategy.


Whether it’s just an idea or you want to take your product to the next level, we can be your trusted partner in all stages of your product development lifecycle.

Innovation led Product Engineering

Creators Infotek offers end-to-end product engineering services in all the stages of software product development – from research, development, testing to deployment and support. Our services range from building iOS, Android or Hybrid mobile applications, cloud based SaaS applications to building complex Enterprise applications. At Creators Infotek, Innovation is in our DNA, with every resource striving to innovate at every stage of software product development, from using the latest technologies, modern architecture, and building the product faster, thus increasing the lifetime value of your product.

Cloud Enablement

Creators Infotek has been helping ISVs and enterprises to leverage the full benefits of cloud. We enable you to transform your legacy on premise web applications to cloud based multi tenanted applications. We do this by understanding every dimension of your existing challenges – the strategic business goals, resources, and technology, thus fundamentally automating your traditional services. Our business insights coupled with deep technical expertise can amplify the value you derive from cloud.

Rapid Development

Creators Infotek strongly believes that pre-built frameworks and components are not only designed for rapid growth, they can also be regarded as an excellent tool for generating regular courses regardless of their design, duration, time-line and learning objective.

We consider, working with clients in partnership and understanding their unique needs and methods of working. Our experience gives you the advantage while minimizing the disadvantage such as scalability and productivity.

Certified Consultants

Our expert consultants are trained and certified in the latest technologies, from Microsoft to latest cloud technologies thus ensuring consultants with only superior skills work on your projects. With certified and trained consultants, the risk of failure is minimal and the product development is faster ensuring successful delivery of projects.

Product Re-engineering

Product re-engineering is all about modifying an existing product. It is about fixing defects and flaws and adding new features along with ensuring lowered down-times. We at Creators Infotek Technologies, offer comprehensive re-engineering product development service whereby we help our clients to achieve their business goal.

Our team is systematically researching, evaluating and developing new technologies that we then integrate into products to improve their functionality and we strive to add value in the areas of product support and maintenance, product upgrading and testing.

Product Consulting

With over a decade of experience partnering with varied enterprises and entrepreneurs, our product development consultancy services offer you this broad domain and technical expertise. Our team of consultants understand your business needs, and combine human behaviour, technology and domain expertise to help evolve your idea from conceptualization to reality.

Product Verification and Validation

With the advent of mobility, e-commerce, distributed teams, agile methodology, multi-tier applications, the process of testing and validating products has become highly complex and time-consuming.

Our testing experts have years of experience, offering automated and manual testing services to adapt to the constantly changing technology scenario. From creating test cases, to creating a QA framework, to being agile and adaptive to your requirements, we ensure your applications are always up and running.

  • Functional Testing
  • Test Data management
  • Regression Testing
  • Automation Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Performance Testing

UI/UX Design Team Extensions

Our team of UI/UX design experts deliver meaningful customer experiences for you through our offshore product development. Our Design practice focuses on both the art and science of design, delivering seamless and engaging user experiences (UX).

Our approach to UI/UX Design is simple and minimalistic, mirroring the concepts users would find in the real world making applications easier to use with minimal cognitive strain.

  • Analysis
  • UI Wireframes
  • Visual Design
  • Prototype
  • UX Testing

WHY CHOOSE Creators Infotek?

Our proven outsourced product development process, tech talent and domain expertise helps bring your vision into reality.

Custom-made applications

You can outsource the entire product development from scratch or we can be an extension to your team developing custom application as per your needs.

Cost Efficiency

We hire and train our employees continually so you don’t have to do it. Our robust process ensure we deliver faster reducing your development lifestyle and costs.

Product Quality

Our strict testing procedures and years of experience handling tough technical challenges ensure you get a high-quality product.

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