Engagement Methodology

6DMe thodology Discov er DecipherDeliberateDesignDeriskDeliv er Unders tanding the underl y ing issues and unea r thing the un s tated need s . Brains torm on the cause s , issues & business impa c t and que s tion s tatus quo o f the adjacent spaces or if needed the enti r e business p r ocess to be able to ev ol v e a w holesome solution. C onne c ting the d o ts b e t w een s ym p toms & p r oblems to causes & e f f e c ts to b e t ter d e fine the business p r oblem s . Design a sys tem that p ro v ides a la s ting solution based on technologies & tools that futu r e p r o o f f or the long term. Mak e su r e that the solution is deli v e r ed as per app rov ed design – on time & w i thin budg e t . A ssess the ris k s in the p r oposed design and ensu r e all k e y ris k s a r e m i tigated b ef o r e embarking on the solution d ev elopment to a v oid f ailu r es in futu r e.

Program Management & Delivery Governance

PhaseKick o f f & Planning Phase Pr odu c t w i th specified guidelines Incr easing p r odu c t qual i t y On time Deliv e r y Ef ficient Resou r ce Management Ex ecution & C ont r ol Phase Closur e Phase Fun c tions GoalSuppor t T eam S tanda r d Pr ocess Securi t y Management Resour ce Management C onfigu r ation Management Quali t y Management Document ManagementRisk ManagementScope ManagementSchedule Management T ools and T echniques

Program Management Overview

Management and Dir e c tion Gov ernance S tru c tu r e Quaterly / MonthlyMonthly / W eekly W eekly Repor ting and Escalation Ser v ice Management S teering and ov e r sight C omm i t tee Ex ecuti v e S teering C omm i t tee / Sponso r s Pr og r am Management S t r ategic Di r e c tion S e t ting Pr og r am Schedule, C o s t and Resou r ce Di r e c tion Pr og r am Scope / Release Managemant Pr og r am L eade r ship and Decisions S tatus / Risk / Issues r esolution and C ommunication Management DecisionsS tatus / Risk / Issues C ommunications Pr oje c t L eade r ship and Di r e c tion Issues / Pr oblem Resolutions Quar terly E x ecuti v e Bri e fing Monthly Ex ecuti v e Me e tings Sponsor Me e tings Pr oje c t S tatus Repo r ts Pr oje c t S tatus Me e tings Change C ont r ols Boa r d ( C CB) F inancial R e v i e w s Issues Resolutions Schedule V ariance / P e r f ormance Repo r ting C ont r a c t Management Risk Management C r oss team Me e tings Resou r ce Management T eam S tatus Repo r ting Risk / Issues Management Resou r ce Management Re v i e w P e r f ormance M e trics w i th L eade r ship Resolv e Qual i t y C oncerns Use Reposi to r y f or E x change Kn o w ledge T eam L eads T eam Membe r s Quali t y C ont r ol Speciali s ts C olle c t and v alidate pe r f ormance m e trics Maintain Me trics on Dashboa r ds C oo r dinate Q A R e v i e w s and QPI Aud i ts Pr oje c t Management Pr oje c t Manage r s