Background & Business Context

Business Performance Labs (BPL) is a solutions and service provider to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, as well as CROs.

BPL’s COPERNIcuS solution targets the current inefficiencies and challenges in identifying domestic and global sites and investigators for Phases II, III, and IV clinical studies. BPL does this by providing evidence-based results, time-saving ROI, and unparalleled capability for predicting clinical trial outcomes. BPL specializes in Clinical Study Planning, Site Selection, Investigator and Patient Recruitment, Data and Analytics, Predictive Modelling, Event Simulation, and Predictive Analysis.

Creators Infotek is the key partner of BPL handling their outsourced product development for the last 8 years.


COPERNIcuS Consists of 4 different modules namely

  • Trial Feasibility Module (TFM),
  • Budget Forecasting Module (BFM),
  • Investigators Management Module (IMM) and Study Troubleshooter Module (STM),
  • which uses advanced analytics and AI to create effective study plans, manage trial budgets and forecasts, identify top performing investigators and sites, and monitors the activities of 8 different study KPI’s (key performance indicators), providing the ability to predict the outcome of any suggested interventions.